Terms of Service (Puetsua Art)

Last Updated: September 29th, 2019

To commission me, you should follow everything that mentioned below. If you don't want to read all stuffs, I have mark text bold for you.

About the commission

The art you commissioned is only for personal use, such as using it as your avatar, banner or personal website etc. Commercial use without notifying me first is NOT allowed.

For Point Commissions, please check my DeviantArt commission widget on my page. Without any specific points on the list, the convert rate at DA points100 = $1

Before you commission

To commission, the reference to your characters must be included in your message. Any images of your character are fine. You cannot just say "I want my OC drawn" because I cannot read your mind. Other details like poses and expression are also recommended to be included.

You need to pay via Paypal or DeviantArt points. I only start drawing your commission when I received the payment.

Contact me via DeviantArt Note, Twitter DM or Facebook Message about your commission. Once I accepted your commission we can talk about details from other social media, such as Discord, if you think it's more convenient.

The art can take one month to finish since I have a project to do. If you want it to be done in a certain time, we can discuss.

If you don't want your commissioned artwork to be public please let me know in the note. Your name will be hidden and replaced with (Anon XXXXXX) in my to-do list. XXXXXX is 6-alphanumeric code I will give you once I received the payment.

During my work

I always send a sketch you before I do linework and coloring, if you found something isn't right, try to point them out here as many as possible.

If you would like to receive other WIP images, such as linework or flat-colored. Just ask away.